XTraN – Land Fleet Management


XTraN is professional monitorisation fleet management system allowing total integration of information on your activities. 

Much like the Monicap, but for land fleet management, the XTraN system enables an effective monitorisation of the fleet vehicles by using a GPS positioning system. It may enable as well a real-time contact between the fleet elements and the command centre.

The XTraN comprises two distinct parts: the mobile unit shown here is placed in each element of the fleet (typically called VLD – Vehicle Location Device) and the data centre, typically called Control Centre.

The VLD’s main function is its position acquisition and transmission to the Control Centre.

The Control Centre is PC-based data centre, running database software on top of a geographic information system – GIS, enabling a simple monitorisation and control to the on-duty operators.

The two parts are linked via a terrestrial communications mean like GSM, GPRS or TETRA.

Having reached a high technology readiness level, the XTraN system was transferred to TECMIC within the scope of a process of technology transfer.


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