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Surveillance and Monitoring Systems

The competitive video surveillance system CICLOPE™ resulted from successful coupling of the INOV knowledge and experience in fast communication systems with the expertise in designing electronic and control systems.

Nowadays the remote surveillance plays a major role in prevention and safety measures, increasing the efficiency and reducing the operating costs.

Being associated with the automatic detection technologies, the remote surveillance allows covering large forest, urban or industrial regions.

The telesurveillance includes other aspects that bring about a versatile system of monitoring towers linked into a network. The system includes image-processing, remote-sensing, mapping and risk-analysis modules as well as the system for decision support in emergency situations. The centralisation of information for decision now becomes a crucial asset in the coordination of local intervention or maintenance operation.

In the area of Telematics and Transportation, the centralisation of the traffic information and the respective supporting tools contribute to rational management of the infrastructure and customer servicing.

Please consult the INOV solutions to enhance the efficiency of your procedures, gaining from new technologies a real operational improvement.


Guarda Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard)
Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil (National Civil Protection Authority)
Direcção Geral dos Recursos Florestais (General Directorate of Forest Resources)
Associação de Municípios do Oeste (Association of Municipalities of the West)
Federação dos Produtores Florestais de Portugal (Federation of Forestry Producers of Portugal)
Portucel / Soporcel

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