Investigador do INOV edita “Intelligent Transporation Systems for Electric Vehicles” da revista Energies

João Ferreira, investigador do INOV e professor do ISCTE-IUL, foi editor do número especial “Intelligent Transportation Systems for Electric Vehicles” da revista Energies em 2019.

O livro, agora disponível online em acesso livre, inclui 15 artigos:

  • Vehicle Electrification: New Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Grids
  • Optimal Distribution Grid Operation Using DLMP-Based Pricing for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in a Smart City
  • Optimal Charging Navigation Strategy Design for Rapid Charging Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles’ User Charging Behaviour Simulator for a Smart City
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Process and Parking Guidance App
  • IoT and Blockchain Paradigms for EV Charging System
  • Developing an On-Road Object Detection System Using Monovision and Radar Fusion
  • Direct and Indirect Environmental Aspects of an Electric Bus Fleet under Service
  • Multi-Objective Shark  Smell  Optimization  Algorithm  Using  Incorporated  Composite  Angle Cosine for Automatic Train Operation
  • A Method for the Optimization of Daily Activity Chains Including Electric Vehicles
  • New Dispatching Paradigm in Power Systems Including EV Charging Stations and Dispersed Generation: A Real Test Case
  • Optimal Design for a Shared Swap Charging System Considering the Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Rate
  • Deployment of  a  Bidirectional  MW-Level  Electric-Vehicle  Extreme  Fast  Charging Station Enabled by High-Voltage SiC and Intelligent Control
  • A Study on Electric Vehicles Participating in the Load Regulation of Urban Complexes
  • Energy Management   Strategies   for   Hybrid   Electric   Vehicles: Review,    Classification, Comparison, and Outlook
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