Demo Digital 4.0 project approved within COMPETE 2020

INOV’s submission to the Support System for Collective Actions – Transfer of Scientific and Technological Knowledge was accepted and DemoDigital 4.0 approved.

With the main objective of opening and demonstrating the possibilities of Industry 4.0 by supporting SMEs from the North and Centre of Portugal with their digital transformation process, the project will begin in 2nd November and will last two years.

Promoted by INOV, the project will target industrial companies within the area of activity of AIDA (Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro). DemoDigital 4.0 intends to promote digitalisation of creative processes, production and client interaction supported mainly by equipment interconnectivity, solutions and services through the mass use of architectural concepts, and systems applications and software within the Internet of Things (IoT) along with advanced production technologies demonstrated in real scenarios.

The project proposes the demonstration of technology-oriented towards industries in relevant environments, engaging target companies in pilot validation assuring that companies have a clear image of the technologies implemented and their advantages.

DemoDigital 4.0 will run from November 2017 until September 2019 and it is co-funded by COMPETE 2020 programme.


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