Hands On Talk: Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Cybersecurity

itSMF Portugal will hold a new edition of HOT – HANDS ON TALK, focusing on the theme of Artificial Intelligence: transformations and impacts on innovation and cybersecurity.

INOV is proud to participate in this initiative through the participation of the following speakers:

  • INOV is proud to participate in this initiative through the participation of the following speakers:
  • Nelson Nobre Escravana, Director of the Cybersecurity Area at INOV INESC Inovação, leading research, development, and technology integration projects in the fields of offensive cybersecurity, cybersecurity incident response, social engineering, cyber intrusion detection, and digital forensic analysis.

Discussion topics include:

  • The current state and main challenges in the management of artificial intelligence;
  • The current landscape in Portugal;
  • The relationship between ethics, risk management, and market logic;
  • The feasibility of innovation without the use of artificial intelligence;
  • Practical examples of everyday applications;
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity management, opportunities, and risks;
  • Training new generations and professionals in alignment with emerging needs;
  • Practical guidelines for organizations to implement artificial intelligence practices in innovation and cybersecurity management.

This event offers a unique opportunity for informal discussion on relevant topics for one hour and the sharing of knowledge with the itSMF Community.

Registration is free but mandatory and can be done here.

You can see the full event agenda here.


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Published 25/09/2023
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