INOV coordinates ENSURESEC project to protect the e-commerce system in the Digital Single Market

The ENSURESEC project, coordinated by INOV and with beginning in June, aims to protect the e-commerce system through the development of a an automatic, rigorous, distributed and open source toolkit.

The project integrates inductive (machine learning) with deductive (formal methods) reasoning tools and techniques techniques, so that e-commerce operations are protected by design, as well as continuous monitoring, response, recovery and mitigation measures.

With a focus on the challenges of the European Digital Single Market, the ENSURESEC project develops in three axes:

  • Prevention and Response: security of systems interface and adequate response to affected users and partners
  • Monitoring and mitigation: at application and network levels to increase resilience against known and unknown threats
  • Awareness and training: increase citizens’ awareness of potential security threats in e-commerce systems and ways to avoid them.

ENSURESEC is a project co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. The project has a global investment of € 9,230,681.25, of which € 7,701,519.75 correspond to European funding. The consortium consists of 22 partners from 14 European countries. More information about the project at

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