INOV develops technologies with applications in airspace and frontier security

INOV develops algorithms for electro-optical sensors and spoofing technologies.

At a time when worries about airspace security are on the rise, whether we are talking about protection of frontiers and fight against crime or about the coexistence of several aircraft types, INOV collaborates in the development of technological solutions within the scope of its activity in Electronics, Monitoring and Control focusing on Defence and Security.

With project ALFA – Advanced Low Flying Aircrafts Detection and Tracking, INOV is now collaboratively developing technologies to be applied in detection of small aircraft, hang gliders, helicopters, and drones used in trafficking of drugs, weapons, and other illicit substances. Having started in the beginning of the year, ALFA sets itself to create a surveillance system that will allow supplementing limitations of existing systems in detecting, classifying and predicting low, small, and slow flying vehicles. As a technological partner, INOV brings to the project the development of algorithms for electro-optical sensors that will allow identifying flying vehicles for later classification and landing prediction to be communicated to security forces.

Still, within the scope of airspace security, INOV develops spoofing technologies to neutralise Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) guided by GPS for the exclusive use of security and defence forces. This technology allows replacing the system’s information with a dummy location undermining the drone’s ability to comply with the initial set route.

These technologies in development and thought to be integrated with other tools allow to open up a path and explore solutions for a pressing matter and might be, by their adaptability, enhanced and applied in other contexts with the goal of making airspace safer.


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