INOV partners in European project MARISA

INOV participated in the kick-off meeting of the European project MARISA – Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness, from 17th-19th of May in Rome.

MARISA project sets itself for the development of a data fusion kit enabling maritime security forces to effectively share information, identify potential risk situations, and improve reaction and decision-making capabilities.

As a scientific-technological entity, INOV brings its experience and know-how in the development of surveillance applications using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data mining algorithms for the maritime environment. For this reason, INOV will focus its participation on the detection of patterns in vessel behaviour and the detection of anomalies that might indicate potential illegal situations or violations.

The project involves 22 partners from nine European countries and aims to contribute to a need for effective maritime security that requires tools integration in order to combat different realities such as irregular migration, human smuggling, terrorism at sea, piracy, or arms and drugs trafficking.

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