INOV receives funding under the Interface Programme

On 19th December, INOV signed a financing contract in the amount of 1 million and 310 thousand euros, under the Interface Programme, for the valorisation of Information, Communications Technologies (ICT) and Electronics in the areas of Circular Economy, Digital Transformation and Energy Efficiency.

The multi-annual financing provided by the Innovation Fund, Technology Transfer and Circular Economy (FITEC), will allow INOV to develop, during the next three years, a Technological Innovation Agenda focusing on Cybersecurity, Communications Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Computing , and Cyber-physical Systems and Remote Monitoring. These technologies will be demonstrated with the business fabric “seeking to reinforce the social impact of innovation and maintain the incentive to innovate even in conditions of uncertainty in the economy, aiming also to fill market and system failures in innovation processes”, according to Fernando Moreira, President of INOV.

This structural support will also make it possible to develop sustainability and budget predictability, strengthen collaboration with Higher Education Institutions, increase qualified human resources and increase international collaboration and partnerships.

Having been recognised in 2017 as a Technological Interface Centre in the area of ​​ICT, this funding contributes to reinforcing the institute’s mission of transforming knowledge into technology with value in the innovation chain.

The Interface Programme aims to enable Interface Centres to transfer technology and enhance knowledge, through collaborative relationships between science, technology and the business community and the internationalidation of innovation. The execution of the activity plans of the Interface Centres will be monitored by the National Innovation Agency (ANI).

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