INOV receives HiTech Information Session

The academic community of INESC and IST will have the opportunity, on the 28th of November at 2 pm, to attend the Information Session of HiTech, a training Program that supports researchers’ translating cutting-edge technology and scientific discoveries into business opportunities.

The session is open to the public and registrations are available at:

HiTech Program provides skills to participants in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship in an environment where teams can test the market relevance of their projects and create a well-grounded business case with the help of faculty, management students and busi-ness mentors.

Throughout HiTech, participants will meet with US faculty from Brown, Rutgers and North Carolina State universities that will help in the business case development. Also, a set of seminars on relevant topics (e.g., Intellectual Property, Financials, Business Development, and Pitching) will be provided.

HiTech first edition will take place between the 28th of February and the 3rd of July, one afternoon per week, in two alternative locations: Porto (Porto Business School) and Lisbon (Nova School of Business and Economics).

Participation in the Program does not involve the payment of fees and applications are open until the 19th of January, through the application form available at

HiTech is an initiative of the newly created HiSeedTech – Associação para a Valorização do Conhecimento, that, although recently born, capitalizes on a legacy of fourteen years’ experience in connecting scientific and technological knowledge with the market.

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