Med Food TTHubs project focusing on blockchain technology for the food industry

The Med Food TTHubs project started in April with the aim of supporting the food industry through the implementation and operation of a transnational network of Trace & Trust Hubs for Mediterranean food products. With the network, the project aims to support the industry by sharing information throughout the entire supply chain, up to the consumer, on a single electronic platform. In this way, consumers will be able to trace the products and verify their authenticity, as well as attesting the certification and quality control processes carried out.

In this project, INOV leads the software design of the electronic platform, carrying out the analysis of requirements for traceability and authenticity, as well as the design and development of an integrated structure, with special focus on the articulation of blockchain technologies to include.

Given the high complexity of value chains in the agrifood sector, their vital importance to society and their growing dependence on the information systems supporting them, their security is a key point. INOV’s contribution in this sector, with application of blockchain technology, can improve information security and has the potential to be adapted to other value chains with similar characteristics.” (Nelson Escravana, Communications and Cybersecurity Director at INOV)

Med Food TTHubs project includes nine partners from seven countries (Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Portugal, Tunisia, Italy and Spain).

This project is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union.


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