Estuarine phytoBenthic communities studied by Laser-Induced-Fluorescence


Estuarine phytoBenthic communities studied by Laser-Induced-Fluorescence


The BenthicLIF project aims to integrate the extensive innovative experience from INOV in active optical remote sensing of objects (smoke particles, oil spills, etc.), with significant know-how from the CO FCUL team in in situ research of intertidal estuarine microfitobents, using spectral reflectance and modulated pulse fluorescence methods.


  • Designing, building and testing a portable, lightweight, and low power consumption LIF-LIDAR sensor for investigation of micro- and macroalgal fluorescence. Developing software for computer-controlled operation of the instrument and preliminary signal processing.
  • Studying and mapping the MPB biomass distribution over muddy and sandy sediments of the Tagus estuary.
  • Studying and mapping sediments colonized by different macroalgae for different types of substrate (e.g., mud, sand, and oyster shells).
  • Creating a phenomenological model for estimation the LIF-LIDAR range in the process of capturing microalgae and macroalgae fluorescence spectra. The forecast of the LIF-LIDAR range will be based on the experimental data obtained previously for microalgae, and green, brown, and red macroalgae.

Participation INOV

During last several years INOV gained significant experience in the area of investigation of environment on the basis of modern optoelectronic equipment. In particular, the methods of remote detection of various smokes in the atmosphere using Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) were developed. During the joint activity of INOV and FCUL groups, this approach was extended to investigation of leaves, needles, and microalgae physiological status and evaluation of oil spills on the water surface using laser induced fluorescence (LIF) LIDAR.

The project ended in 2015.


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