Descentralize Portugal with Blockchain

Descentralize Portugal with Blockchain


The BLOCKCHAIN.PT agenda is an ambitious initiative that aims to transform Portugal into a world leader in the blockchain industry. By bringing together cutting-edge technology and interdisciplinary collaboration, the project seeks to create innovative and sustainable global business opportunities. In line with the objectives of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) of the Portuguese Republic and the European Union, technological and geographical decentralization is highlighted as a strategy to promote equitable and sustainable development.


Decentralize Portugal through the application of blockchain in various verticals and horizontals, paving the way for equitable and sustainable development.


Vertical Workpackages
  1. Agriculture and Agri-food: Explore blockchain solutions to optimize the supply chain and ensure transparency in agricultural and food production.
  2. Health and Well-being: Using blockchain to improve the interoperability of healthcare systems and guarantee the security and privacy of patient data.
  3. Sustainable Development and Territories: Apply blockchain to boost sustainable development initiatives and the efficient management of territorial resources.
  4. Sports, Culture and Leisure: Integrate blockchain to promote authenticity in sporting events, support cultural management and facilitate innovative leisure experiences.
  5. New Data and Knowledge Economy: Developing blockchain solutions to boost the new economy based on data and knowledge.
  6. Digital Asset Management: Explore opportunities for asset tokenization and efficient digital asset management through blockchain.
Horizontal Workpackages
  1. Interoperability: Ensure interoperability between different blockchain and traditional systems.
  2. Dissemination, Exploitation and Demonstration: Disseminate, exploit and demonstrate the practical benefits of the blockchain solutions developed.
  3. Training: Providing training and capacity building for professionals and companies interested in adopting blockchain technologies.
  4. Project Management: Ensure efficient and coordinated management of all project phases.


Lead company

  • VOID Software


  • Anchorage Digital
  • Bio BHP
  • Celfocus
  • Dotmoovs
  • INESC ID Lisboa
  • Layer X
  • Sense Finity
  • Universidade de Aveiro
  • Beta i
  • BlockBastards
  • Centro Hospitalar Santo António
  • Beiras e Serra da Estrela, Comunidade Internacional
  • Portugal Oeste
  • Cidade do Fundão
  • E2Tech
  • Exeedme
  • Genesis Studio
  • Inegi
  • Inforlandia
  • INOV – INESC Inovação
  • Instituto Politécnico da Guarda
  • Instituto Politécnico de Tomar
  • Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
  • Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Load
  • NOVA School of Business & Economics
  • Softi9
  • Sonae MC
  • Tecminho
  • Toolpor, LDA
  • Unlockit
  • Value for Health
  • X Money
  • Zharta

Associated Partners:

  • Atlanti Care
  • Cascais
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Governo dos Açores
  • IAD
  • Banco Montepio
  • Ordem dos Notários
  • Reorganiza
  • Universidade do Minho
  • Whitestar

Main goal: Decentralize Portugal through the application of blockchain

Start date: January 1, 2023
Completion date: December 31, 2025

Total eligible cost: 58,854,715.56 euros


Rua Alves Redol, 9

1000-029 Lisboa

Tel. +351 213 100 450

Fax. +351 213 100 445



Morro do Lena - Alto do Vieiro, C

2411-901 Leiria

Tel. +351 244 843 424

Fax. +351 244 843 435



Rua da Boavista (AIDA) | ZI Taboeira - Alagoas

3800-115 Aveiro

Tel. +351 234 302 409

Fax. +351 234 302 499

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