New EU project to establish a Pan-European Knowledge Network dedicated to Resilient Infrastructures.
New EU project to establish a Pan-European Knowledge Network dedicated to Resilient Infrastructures.


Twenty partners across the EU have joined forces and launched an almost €2 million three-year Horizon Europe project to support policymakers in shaping and produce data-driven evidence-based policies, while boosting the innovation capacity of Critical Infrastructures (CI) operators, authorities, and innovators (including SMEs).

EU-CIP will leverage the capacity, organisation, community, and achievements of the ECSCI cluster towards establishing an EU-wide knowledge network with advanced analytical and innovation support capabilities. To facilitate information collection and analysis, the project will establish a FAIR data observatory of research projects, research outcomes, technologies, standards, and policies.


As such, EU-CIP will offer:

  • Analytical capabilities for evidence-based policies.
  • Innovation support services to EU projects and other innovators in CI security and resilience, including training, support in business planning and access to finance, as well as support in the validation, standardization, and certification of novel solutions.
  • A Knowledge Hub, integrating and sharing all project outcomes to a vibrant ecosystem of over 1000 stakeholders.

EU-CIP will also organize an Annual Conference on Critical Infrastructures Resilience, held each September in Brussels, Belgium. Project partners ambition for this to become a flagship event for critical infrastructures.

INOV’s Participation

Within the EU-CIP project, INOV leads the Work Package 2 – Outcomes Linked to Project Goals: EU-CIP Portal and Knowledge Hub – , aiming to:

1) Create and establish the project’s knowledge hub, along with the necessary digital infrastructure to facilitate its online functionality
2) Continuously update the knowledge hub with the project’s assets and outcomes throughout its duration
3) Implement a portal frontend featuring interactive business intelligence (BI)-based dashboards, serving as a centralized access point for the project’s achievements and results.

As the leader, INOV manages the continuous integration of knowledge assets from various project work packages, ensuring disciplined content management for the knowledge hub. Finally, under INOV’s guidance, the implementation of the knowledge hub’s front-end includes user-friendly dashboards for automated KPI calculations and visualization and monitoring of project achievements. Through these tasks, INOV plays a pivotal role in structuring, managing, and presenting key project information for effective collaboration and monitoring within the EU-CIP project.


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