A Green Agenda for the Natural Stone Sector

A Green Agenda for the Natural Stone Sector


The Sustainable Stone By Portugal agenda is a visionary initiative aimed at propelling the Portuguese Natural Stone Sector towards a sustainable, innovative, and globally competitive future. This ambitious project focuses on key pillars: the Green Agenda, Research and Development (R&D), Innovation, Decarbonization, Increased Added Value, and Export Growth.

Driving Sustainability and Innovation: At its core, the Sustainable Stone By Portugal agenda seeks to enhance the Portuguese Natural Stone Sector’s resilience and competitiveness. This comprehensive initiative contributes to:

  • Export Growth: Elevating the sector’s international presence and export capabilities.
  • Added Value: Enhancing the value-added aspect of products and services.
  • Research and Development: Increasing investments in R&D and fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Decarbonization: Promoting eco-friendly practices and contributing to climate action.
  • Green Agenda: Aligning with sustainability goals to create lasting positive impacts.


With participation from 31 entities, including 21 experts in Natural Stone and 10 Technology Companies, the consortium is committed to achieving an impressive 8% export growth by 2027. This collaborative endeavor harmonizes the deep-rooted knowledge of the Natural Stone industry with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the sector’s expansion and global significance.

Academic and Community Backing: In its quest for innovation and progress, the Sustainable Stone By Portugal initiative receives invaluable support from 17 academic institutions, 3 associations, and a forward-looking city council. This joint endeavor cultivates a vibrant ecosystem conducive to the development of groundbreaking solutions.


The consortium is committed to driving innovation across various dimensions of the Portuguese Natural Stone Sector. This includes the development of groundbreaking products and technologies, the creation of efficient systems for surplus and by-product utilization, the implementation of robotic solutions throughout the value chain, the establishment of more sustainable processes, the advancement of digitalization practices, and the facilitation of knowledge and technology transfer. These efforts will not only elevate the sector but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.

Job Creation and Skill Development: One of the key objectives of this initiative is to foster economic growth and employment opportunities. The 52 entities involved anticipate creating 200 direct jobs by 2027, with a focus on ensuring that 20% of these positions are skilled, reflecting a commitment to developing a highly qualified workforce.

The Sustainable Stone By Portugal agenda is not merely a project; it’s a collective commitment to a sustainable, innovative, and prosperous future for the Portuguese Natural Stone Sector. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative journey that will shape the future of the industry.

Title: Sustainable Stone By Portugal – Valorization of Natural Stone for a Digital, Sustainable, and Qualified Future

Code: 02-C05-i01.02-2022.PC644943391-00000051

Main Objective: The Mobilizing Agenda Sustainable Stone By Portugal has, as its main objective, the enhancement of the relevant mobilizing and aggregating work that has been carried out in the context of the Natural Stone Sector, aiming to create a new generation of highly disruptive and innovative products and production processes. These innovations will strengthen the sector’s ability to grow with an international perspective, thus contributing to the growth and consolidation of the sector as a strategic driver for the sustainable development of the Portuguese economy. More specifically, this Agenda aims to develop and implement a new specialized ecosystem with international projection, enabling the effective valorization of technological knowledge. This will involve realizing the industrial processes necessary for a digital and sustainable transition, using new products, technologies, and techniques with a strong sustainability focus.

Start Date: 01-07-2022

End Date: 30-06-2025

Total Eligible Cost: EUR 55,760,917.17


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