Total Airport Security System

Transforming Airport Security with Intelligent Surveillance
Total Airport Security System

Transforming Airport Security with Intelligent Surveillance


TASS is a comprehensive intelligence and surveillance system designed to revolutionize airport security by providing real-time, accurate situational awareness to airport authorities. The project integrates various real-time sensors and sub-systems, operating in fixed and mobile modes under diverse environmental conditions.

Dividing airport security into six control segments (environmental, cargo, people, airplanes, vehicle-fleet, and facilities), TASS employs diverse technologies, fused together through a multisource labyrinth fusion logic. This fusion enables continuous situational and security awareness, accessible through the TASS WEB-based portal. The system’s centralized control allows airport authorities to monitor and manage security seamlessly, ensuring a “no breach” environment.

Key Components

  1. Multi-Segment Intelligence: TASS monitors six security control segments, each utilizing different technologies, ensuring a comprehensive security approach.
  2. Real-time Sensors: Integration of real-time sensors and sub-systems for data collection, facilitating adaptive operation under various environmental conditions.
  3. Fusion Logic: Multisource labyrinth fusion logic ensures the seamless blending of technologies, enabling continuous situational awareness.
  4. Centralized Control: TASS WEB-based portal provides a centralized platform for running applications, allowing airport authorities real-time access and control.


The TASS consortium brings together three main end-users representing 16 airports and 16 technological partners. The collaboration spans European SMEs, industrial entities, and academic partners, covering sensor design, electronic communications, and civil airport protection. Testing occurs at three airports, including Heathrow, a key hub, an Israeli domestic airport, and Athens airport. The tests, particularly at Heathrow, involve scenarios related to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, ensuring robust evaluation under high passenger flow conditions.


The TASS project has:

  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of multi-sensor fusion for comprehensive airport security.
  • Validated real-time sensor integration in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Showcased the TASS WEB-based portal for centralized security control.
  • Successfully tested the system at major international airports, including Heathrow.


TASS contributes to the evolution of airport security, providing authorities with a powerful tool for real-time monitoring, threat detection, and response coordination. The project’s outcomes offer a cost-effective, integrated solution that ensures a high level of security across different airport environments. The collaborative efforts of the consortium have advanced the capabilities of European airports in safeguarding against potential security breaches.

Project name: Total Airport Security System (TASS)
Grant agreement: 241905
Start date: April 1, 2010
End date: March 31, 2014
Total cost: 14,966,376.75
EU Contribution: 8,986,696.15


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