e-BALANCE completed with positive review

The European project e-balance is now completed after three and a half years of 11 partners from 5 Member-States working together to integrate energy customers into the future smart-grids. The goal was to address environmental problems with holistic technical solutions based on ICT, new business models, and citizens’ behaviour under real-world conditions.

The final review by the European Commission in 29th September concluded that the project reached and accomplished its objectives with good results. INOV was an important partner in the project, especially in one of the pilots implemented. The pilot of Batalha was set up in the electrical distribution grid from EDP and INOV projected and built all 3-phase sensors placed in the transformer substations and overhead distribution cabinets. INOV was also responsible for the RF Mesh communications network used between the sensors and the equipment installed in the transformer substations. Besides this, INOV was involved in defining and completing use case scenarios in the project, which demonstrated a rise in the reliability of facilities management in low voltage grids achieved with the e-balance solution. e-BALANCE has received funding from the European Union’s FP7 Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609132.
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