ENSURESEC completes the architecture in security system for e-commerce

After 10 months of work in the H2020 project End-to-end Security of the Digital Single Market’s E-commerce and Delivery Service Ecosystem (ENSURESEC), the partners reached with the definition of the platform’s architecture the second major milestone in the development of a cyber-physical solution for safeguarding the e-commerce landscape.

The team responsible for the integrated platform analysed the social, privacy, ethical and legal constraints as well as best practices to deliver the requirements for the development of a secure platform that conforms to the relevant legislation. Those requirements will be used to guide the conduct of the ENSURESEC pilots.

In parallel to the identification of the legal and ethical requirements, the technical teams worked closely with the end users to match the project’s potential capabilities with the actual needs of practitioners. The close collaboration in these tasks allowed the consortium members to gather all the requirements and data needed to define credible scenarios for the project’s use cases. Additionally, the experts determined corresponding technical requirements for individual components of the platform. To meet the requirements of the current European market, the use cases that will be covered by the platform and its components were specified and adapted.

As a socio-technical solution to protect the e-commerce activities of the European Digital Single Market, ENSURESEC combines an automated and distributed open-source e-commerce protection toolkit, including cyber-physical threat monitoring and impact assessment, with a large-scale training and awareness campaign to educate e-commerce SMEs and citizens on cyber-security and improve the resilience of the ecosystem.

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