INOV participates in cybersecurity project COMPACT

Project COMPACT – Competitive Methods to protect local Public Administration from Cyber security Threats took off in 24th-25th of May in Rome.

This project involves 14 partners from five European countries to rise to the challenge of empowering Local Public Administrations to become active agents when building their resilience to cyberattacks. The main objectives of the project are to raise awareness for cybersecurity among administrations, to foster information sharing among local European administrations, and connect them to European initiatives such as the public-private partnership on cyber security.

INOV continues to develop its expertise in cybersecurity after the Business Process based Intrusion Detection System (BP-IDS) prototype developed for project ECOSSIAN and validated in public transportation systems. This system will now be tested considering the specifics of Local Public Administrations’ activity with the participation of five local European administrations in the pilot stage: Amadora (Portugal), Afragola and Bologna (Italy), Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain), and Bremerhaven (Germany).

With COMPACT, partners intend to develop an innovative technological solution of real time monitoring, workers’ training through cyber security gamification, information sharing, and risk and threats assessment.

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