Project Andromeda prepares demonstration phase

The project Andromeda will begin trial demonstrations of its command and control system in real environments this summer. The goal of this maritime surveillance system with high Technological Readiness Level is to guarantee and improve operational interoperability among the Portuguese Navy / National Maritime Authority, the Portuguese Air Force, and other national and international agents, allowing authorities to share an increased situational awareness in surveillance and missions.

The trial demonstrations will be designed for conjoint maritime surveillance operations, involving naval assets and manned and unmanned air vehicles up to 150Kg.

Based on the results achieved in the European project PERSEUS (2011-2015), the Andromeda consortium – The Ministry of National Defence, the Portuguese Air Force, the Portuguese Navy, INOV INESC Inovação, and Xsealance – Sea Technologies – intends to present:

  • An evolution of the information system implemented in PERSEUS;
  • The integration of the PERSEUS platform;
  • The development of a Safe Private Network for the system;
  • Real-time video sharing by aerial platforms;
  • An increase in communications reach;
  • The engagement of the national industry;
  • The effect of synergies among entities in the Scientific and Technological National System.

Within this framework, Andromeda uses the data collected by several sensors and information sources in order to perform the integration, processing, filtering, and analysis that allows generating trustworthy information to support the Decision Centres in matters of national defence.

Andromeda is a project funded by the Ministry of National Defence within the scope of a call for Research and Technology for Video Transmission in Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and ships.

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