Artificial intelliGence applied to pRecision farmIng By the use of GNSS and Integrated Technologies

Artificial intelliGence applied to pRecision farmIng By the use of GNSS and Integrated Technologies


AgriBIT aims to increase the precision, accuracy and continuity of services to deliver improved Precision Agriculture (PA) services to farmers, leading to a reduction in costs through decreased use of inputs (water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides), lower environmental impacts and increased production yields. It positions its innovations both at the level of intervention on the field and the capturing of the effects of PA over time, intelligently exploiting the information acquired before, during and after direct intervention on the field.


AgriBIT develops and extends advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to fully exploit this rich set of inputs to recommend actions to farmers building on past history and present context and to ease their workload through improved automation.

AgriBIT offers operational services (3 GNSS-enabling services, 8 GNSS-enabled services) and 1 high-precision GNSS receiver, of European origin and affordable. With 70% of European farmers active in small and medium-sized operations, the high-precision GNSS receiver is an important technological and social contribution to the European agricultural community.

INOV Participation

INOV plays a crucial role in the technical validation of AgriBIT’s tools for precision farming. INOV’s task involves conducting comprehensive tests on the technical results, encompassing infrastructure, platform services, and apps. The focus is on enhancing quality in accordance with established standards and best practices, including guidelines from ISO/IEC 25000. This encompasses rigorous assessments of code quality, adherence to software implementation conventions, and the maintenance of high documentation standards. INOV employs software quality assurance management tools like Sonar to monitor and control software quality throughout the development process. Notably, the team pays special attention to performance monitoring, utilizing benchmarking techniques and tools to enhance the overall system’s performance. Test reports generated by INOV contribute significantly to the technical documentation of each software release within this work package, ensuring the maintenance of high-quality technical standards.

INOV, leading the “Exploitation and Dissemination toward Market Impact Generation” work package, drives key tasks for maximizing project impact. Under T7.1, INOV focuses on formulating an exploitation strategy, identifying exploitable results, and facilitating internal meetings and workshops for joint and separate exploitation definitions. The task delivers a comprehensive Exploitation Plan, ensuring AgriBIT’s sustainability post-project. Simultaneously, under T7.5, INOV leads the development of an integrated dissemination plan targeting diverse audiences, from farmers to solution providers. This includes recognizing the diverse stakeholders impacted by the project, and ensuring that the strategy reaches out to farmers, agricultural consultants, agriculture cooperatives, NGOs, pharmaceutical companies, and solution providers. INOV coordinates various meetings, events, and workshops, including open days at piloting locations and training workshops for service advisors, farmers, and solution providers.


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