Holistic and multipurpose platform to support European Authorities in maritime surveillance operations
Holistic and multipurpose platform to support European Authorities in maritime surveillance operations


I-SEAMORE is an Ecosystem composed of an advanced platform solution to host and manage the operation of several innovative assets, services and systems that aim to provide European Authorities with increased situational awareness and operational capabilities for Maritime surveillance operations resorting to aerial and water surface support.

The core platform (infrastructure and software layers) is conceptualized to be deployed and operated at Maritime Operation Centres (MOCs) with interfaces to other systems including the UxVs Ground Control Stations (GCSs), as well as external systems. It thus provides end-users with a holistic platform capable of handling several multipurpose tasks including, e.g. wide maritime border and coastal areas monitoring, analysis of potential threats, support to search and rescue operations, detection of illegal activities, among others.


Such tasks will be possible since I-SEAMORE platform provides a complete set of functionalities and capabilities to mission commanders, focusing on 4 main pillars:

  1. employment and indirect tasking of multiple types of long-endurance Unmanned Assets (aerial and water surface),
  2. exploitation of heterogeneous data sources e.g. payload data and open data sources including Copernicus Services,
  3. provision of a common operational picture empowered by a novel and comprehensive suite of data fusion services based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analysis, for optimal decision making and successful mission execution of the desired missions, and
  4. interoperability within the Ecosystem and its interface with key existing external systems.

Moreover, the project will also generate additional knowledge to support the uptake of the solution at EU level, as well as multi-country, multi-authority collaboration, including novel concepts of operation, standard operating procedures for joint operations, and new methodologies for co-creation and validation of maritime security solutions by end-users.


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