Collective Intelligence and Social and Health Technology Laboratories to combat the isolation and loneliness of the elderly


Collective Intelligence and Social and Health Technology Laboratories to combat isolation and loneliness among the elderly


MOAI LABS emerges as a priority for the Community of Regions PROCURA and represents a coordinated and unprecedented action at social, health and community level. Its objective is to promote business investment in innovative solutions to combat loneliness, stimulated by a future innovative public purchase of early betting, and through the action of the First European Transnational Life Laboratory Specializing in Loneliness and Open Innovation, capable of supporting this investment. 


Due to the integration of “Experts by Experience” (the need), “Early Demand Groups” (the offer), the potential buyers (the demand) and the local environment (the community), the MOAI LABS project will guarantee the adoption of solutions for reducing the loneliness of the elderly, increase their community bonds and their empowerment.

INOV Participation

Implement a gamified monitoring context in order to trigger situational-awareness events in the face of risk situations. Develop a proof-of-concept so that, using a gamification platform, it’s possible to proceed to the creation of a gamified context capable of operating thematic communities. It is intended to operate a positive monitoring, where the members (senior adults +60 years old) are encouraged to perform tasks with an active participation. Support in the analysis of the customer journey to automate situational-awareness mechanisms, promoting mutual assistance and synergies resulting from integration in the community.


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