Persistent Runway Monitoring

Persistent Runway Monitoring


The project aims to investigate and develop a non-invasive system of Persistent Runway Monitoring (MPP), focused on the contact zone of the aircraft wheels (normally subjected to greater tension), to identify surface degradation, foreign objects and thickness of sheets of water.

The Persistent Runway Monitoring (MPP) project addresses an innovative solution for monitoring and analysing runway status at an airport, even in adverse weather conditions. It is a non-intrusive solution, designed to identify situations that could compromise the runway’s operability, triggering multichannel notification mechanisms in view of the risk and severity level associated with the type of occurrence. Using a web platform, based on the Analytic-as-a-service paradigm, as well as the use of data analysis techniques (Data Analytic) and LIDAR technology (Terrestrial Laser Scanning), the solution will allow the generation of models to support event management, and to ensure an automated governance of information flows in order to ensure greater speed in the circulation of knowledge for the resolution of identified events.


MPP addresses three main results:

  • detect the formation of cracks or deformations in the runway pavement, which will allow the airport to readjust the runway maintenance operations according to needs, reducing the environmental impact (contributing to extend the life of the infrastructure, mitigating the need for more substantive interventions and therefore with greater impact) and the costs associated with maintenance;

  • allow detecting objects / debris (FOD – foreign object debris) that can significantly affect the runway operation

  • Identify the risk of aquaplaning, by monitoring the characterization of the water table on the runway, using optical spectroscopy to calibrate this functionality.

The project encompasses the execution of a pilot to test in the touchdown zone of the aircraft on the runway, an area subjected to greater stress (e.g. wear caused by the impact of the aircraft wheels on the runway) mainly on runways with a high number of movements.

Name : MPP – Monitorização Persistente de Pista
Code: 39876

Main objective: Strengthening research, technological development and innovation

Region of Intervention: Leiria
Beneficiary entities: Tecmic, Tecnologias de Microeletrónica, SA, INOV – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores Inovação, ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal

Approval date: 10-05-2019
Start date: 01-08-2019
End date: 16-08-2022

Total eligible cost: 1.057.365,65 €

EU financial support: FEDER – 531266,15 €


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