Safe Luggage

Innovation in Baggage Tracking for Safe Travels
Safe Luggage

Innovation in Baggage Tracking for Safe Travels

The Safe Luggage project, a Co-Promotion initiative, represented a collaboration between four companies and two research and development centers in Portugal, with crucial support from Multisector. This consortium had the primary objective of developing “smart” suitcases equipped with advanced identification and tracking technologies.


The Safe Luggage project aimed to create a demonstrator project, implementing innovative technologies in real usage scenarios. The main objectives included:

  1. Airport Tracking: Develop solutions for baggage tracking and monitoring at airports, using technologies such as RFID, Communication, and Sensing.
  2. Ground Transportation: Extend the application of tracking to ground transportation fleets, benefiting tourism operators.


The consortium brought together complementary expertise to ensure the project’s success:

Results and Impact

The Safe Luggage Project not only drove innovation in travel bags but also had a direct impact on the security and efficiency of airports and tourism operators. The successful implementation of these advanced technologies contributed to the advancement of the sector, ensuring a safer and more efficient travel experience for passengers.

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