Innovative Solutions for the Modern Industry Revolution

Innovative Solutions for the Modern Industry Revolution


UNYMA aims to transform today’s industry by providing integrated, intelligent solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

With six specialised subsystems, UNYMA addresses critical problems such as a lack of reliable metrics, poor communication, inadequate quality control, manual processes and a lack of real-time information. This ecosystem enables the creation of intelligent and efficient processes in all factory operations, promoting a true industrial revolution.


UNYMA integrates advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to monitor, analyse and optimise production processes, quality management, human resources, inventory, insights and energy consumption. This integrated approach significantly improves operational efficiency and sustainability, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


Realises reliable, precise and continuous quality control of every part produced on the production line. It uses Artificial Intelligence to guarantee production quality, reducing complaints and product returns. It uses Artificial Intelligence to guarantee production quality, reducing complaints and product returns.

Monitors all the factory’s production processes in real time. It uses intelligent algorithms to plan and manage production, improving process efficiency and identifying bottlenecks.

Manages all the events and occurrences that take place in the factory, alerting and following up on actions in real time. Keeps teams informed, monitors all equipment and prevents failures.

Manages human resources efficiently, guaranteeing shift planning and offering self-training tools for factory tasks.

Manages all warehouse operations, enables the geo-localisation of raw materials and products, and plans stock operations to avoid production delays.

Monitors the factory’s energy expenditure and waste. It collects, analyses and suggests optimisations in real time, helping to reduce costs and promote a greener, more sustainable factory.

Through the coordinated efforts of all UNYMA subsystems, the plant responds effectively to changes in demand while maintaining high standards of quality, operational efficiency and sustainability.

By adopting the UNYMA ecosystem, you are investing in a smarter, more efficient and sustainable future for the industry.


Read here about the application of Unyma Quality at Grupo Visabeira’s Ria Stone plant, which produces exclusively for IKEA.

This technology was even featured on Portuguese television, in RTP3’s TECH TRÊS programme.


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