T-SESSION | Additive Manufacturing in the context of Industry 4.0

On February 15th, at 17:00, we will talk about “Additive Manufacturing in the context of Industry 4.0” with Professor Joel Vasco (INOV/Instituto Politécnico de Leiria). The session will be in Portuguese.

This will be an online event with free participation, subject to registration here.


Additive manufacturing has become one of the most important manufacturing technologies in the last three decades. Freeform construction capability plays an important role in industrial applications where conventional manufacturing approaches may not be technically or even economically viable. The development of advanced materials for additive manufacturing is an ongoing process, providing a new competitive advantage for this domain of technologies. Today, additive manufacturing plays an important role in the production of complex geometries for products in various fields, such as aerospace, automotive, medical/pharmaceutical, among others, supported by high-performance materials and more efficient processes.

The distributed manufacturing supply chain has also become a reality, enabling new business models and bridging the gaps between designers, product/manufacturing engineering and end users. In addition, high levels of manufacturing automation arise in several industries, namely, smart factories incorporating additive manufacturing equipment in response to complex geometric needs.

The standard that emerged in 2015 for materials, material testing and manufacturing processes began to establish fundamental standards to harmonize the use of additive manufacturing technologies around the world. In this new decade, additive manufacturing is part of a promising and sustainable future in terms of optimizing production processes and product optimization. This communication presents current prospects for the adoption of additive manufacturing in various domains and its prospective impact on business models and industrial production.


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