Vale Indústria 4.0 – INOV accredited in innovation services

INOV is recognised to provide innovation services within Vale Indústria 4.0. such as consulting and technological development to accelerate companies’ adoption of solutions leading to disruptive business through digital transformation.

This action sets out to promote strategic development of SMEs allowing to improve their competitiveness. At a maximum of €7.500, vouchers may be used to support consulting services in:

  • Implementation of processes associated with electronic business;
  • Implementation of other processes associated with Industry 4.0;
  • Third party services, including technical, scientific, and consulting assistance in related knowledge areas that surpass the beneficiaries’ competences.

The deadline for submission of applications is 29th September.

The non-refunding initiative has 12 million euros to be distributed and help more than 1.500 Portuguese companies to implement and develop transformation processes.

As a technological interface centre INOV is nationally recognised in ICT and Electronics applied in several sectors such as Bio economy, Health and Wellbeing, and Smart Cities.

Know more about the initiative Vale Indústria 4.0.

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